Dear community!

We are pleased to inform you about an eye-catching technical aspect! The information concerns traders and investors who use our TBCC Exchange mobile application. Please, update the app to the latest version to access the ultimate functionality and improvements.

The new version removes all the troubles and headaches related to the KYC procedure. If you have already updated the application — no more questions, you are on the light side! Users who have the previous version are highly recommended to update the app till July 30, 2021. Since August 1, 2021, our team will have ceased to support the previous app’s version. Make your step towards progress with us!

Thanks for using TBCC services! Let’s move towards success and new peaks together!

Dear members! Are you ready to capitalize on TBCC tokens?

Excellent news for holders! We have launched new smart contracts of the highest security to protect our users from possible breaches in the future.

Instead of previously released assets, new TBCC tokens based on updated smart-contracts have been already shared among holders in an equivalent 1:1. The overall number of holders is 16 171, and all the transactions are completed.

What does it mean for the community?

Trading and investing transactions are about to be unlocked soon — follow our news to stay informed about the recent updates.

The TBCC exchange aims to offer next-level functionality for traders and investors, combining a wide array of features with a straightforward user-friendly interface.

We inform our traders and investors about the situation that happened yesterday. Our platform faced the attempt of a hackers’ attack; meanwhile, innovative TBCC Exchange technologies made this attempt to failure. As such, all the crypto assets placed on your accounts remain safe. Furthermore, the TBCC Wallet mobile application didn’t…

Dear members of our community! We have important news! Remind you that from July 27, we will have the planned burning of TBCC BEP2 tokens. All tokens which will not be converted to the BEP20 standard until July 27 will be lost! In order to swap your tokens to another standard, you need to use Binance Cross-Chain Swap in the TBCC Wallet mobile app.

Dear users of our community! The largest international media platform dedicated to blockchain and cryptocurrencies, Cointelegraph, has published an article about us!!!

This is great news for all of us ! We are getting new users, which accelerates our growth together !

💥Read the article here: Dear users of our…

Dear Users! As you know, TBСС Exchange is realised based on Binance Cloud technologies. Binance Cloud is Binance ecosystem B2B2C cloud solution. All the Binance ecosystem products function on the system’s own Binance Chain distributed ledger with Binance Smart Chain running in parallel. All the basic Binance exchange functions are…

Dear members of the TBCC community! We have important news for you! For your convenience, we are opening a new SWAP feature ERC-20 →BEP-20. BEP20 is a technical token standard in Binance Smart Chain. With the migration you will be able to receive and send TBCC token of BEP20 standard in few seconds and with lower commissions. The erc-20->bep-20 SWAP feature is optional and created solely for your convenience with the Bridge feature in the TBCC Wallet app. -Select a TBCC erc-20 token. -Click the “Actions” button. -Follow SWAP. As a reminder, the BEP2 standard will no longer be supported and will be burned, so please take care of your crypto assets ahead of time and convert all TBCC tokens to one of the supported standards. Thank you for choosing TBCC! We wish you success!

Great news!!! Bibox opens TBCC-BEP20 Deposits and Withdrawal 🎉

This means that every user can start creating TBCC deposits and withdraw assets under BEP20 standard on the Bibox Exchange for further trading!⠀

Users who hold TBCC assets, please deposit TBCC to Bibox before 16:00 (UTC+8) on July 5, 2021. The…


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