Dear members of the TBCC community! We have important news for you! For your convenience, we are opening a new SWAP feature ERC-20 →BEP-20. BEP20 is a technical token standard in Binance Smart Chain. With the migration you will be able to receive and send TBCC token of BEP20 standard in few seconds and with lower commissions. The erc-20->bep-20 SWAP feature is optional and created solely for your convenience with the Bridge feature in the TBCC Wallet app. -Select a TBCC erc-20 token. -Click the “Actions” button. -Follow SWAP. As a reminder, the BEP2 standard will no longer be supported and will be burned, so please take care of your crypto assets ahead of time and convert all TBCC tokens to one of the supported standards. Thank you for choosing TBCC! We wish you success!