Dear Users! As you know, TBСС Exchange is realised based on technologies. Binance Cloud is Binance ecosystem B2B2C cloud solution. All the Binance ecosystem products function on the system’s own Binance Chain distributed ledger with Binance Smart Chain running in parallel. All the basic Binance exchange functions are available in Binance Cloud, including reliable matcher, risks control system, big data security system, market depth and liquidity analysis. TBCC token may be displayed in commissions on Binance exchange, but the listing on is carried out separately. However, we plan to take care of this and to fulfil a large number of tasks to get this working. The Binance exchange floatation process is very time-consuming, yet this is a significant benchmark for our company. That’s why currently we are keenly engaged into activities to reach this goal. Thank you for choosing and supporting us! Our aim is to make the usage of TBCC token as advantageous and gainful for you as possible. We wish you success and prosperity!



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