4 min readSep 13, 2022


TBCC functionality and tools.

In this article, we will go through all the functionality and analyze all the features that the website interface provides for more convenient trading.

Market page

First, let’s take a look at the Markets page.

At the top you will find pairs with the participation of the TBCC and BTC tokens. We assume an increased interest among our users in these positions, and therefore we have taken them out separately.

Below are other currencies in the format of pair/coin/price changes and volume in 24 hours.

The entire list can be sorted:

  • by a search query
  • by sorting by any value from greater to lesser and vice versa
  • selecting a specific currency to display

With such sorting capabilities, you will quickly find what you were interested in. And when you find it, don’t forget to add it to your favorites, and you won’t have to search anymore!

Main page

Now we can pay attention to the main page – the exchange (Trade Now).

When you get here for the first time, you may get lost in the amount of information, but first things first.

At the top right, we can find a smaller copy of the table that we highlighted earlier. There we can choose the currency that we plan to trade.

Now, its information is displayed above all charts. We could already see this information in the table on the previous page, but it won’t hurt us here either.

Next, what will be new, from simple to complex:

  • bottom right trading history (at what price, how much and when);
  • on the left are the asks and bids (you can choose one thing to display or change the number of digits after the decimal point)
  • The history of your orders and statistics on them are located under all charts and tables
  • Under the big and scary chart is a tool for buying and selling
  • And the graph itself displays changes in the value of the cryptocurrency

Buy and sell tool

Let’s discuss the buying and selling tool. There are three tabs, each of which performs its own type of work.

The first tab «Limit» allows you to place an order to buy or sell currency in a strictly defined amount and at a certain price.

The second tab «Market», as the name implies, allows you to make a purchase or sale at the market price.

The third tab is divided into two parts at once.

  • Stop-limit means that you will buy or sell at any price above or below (depending on the operation) a certain one.
  • OCO also allows you to run stop-limit in parallel with the limit.


And last but not least, the chart of the cryptocurrencies’ price.

It’s not just a graph. This is a full-fledged analytics tool that you can even customize for yourself. You should start with the gears. They will allow you to customize so that it is convenient for you to handle the schedule. Then you should pay attention to the panel above the chart, there you can configure:

  • the displaying time interval
  • the display format
  • adding useful indicators
  • the ability to draw on the chart for analytics

Using these opportunities, you will be able to trade successfully. But do not forget that no matter how perfect the tool is. It’s important who uses it.