The main advantages of crypto investments

Cryptocurrency is a digital alternative of money. It is the same assets, that you can use in your everyday life, buy goods on them, pay in restaurants, donate, etc., but it still has several differences:

• First of all, you can’t touch them — they can be in your digital wallet on the phone, or in the Internet, but you won’t be able to see them in reality, like dollars. Absolutely, you can use the ATM and transfer them into cash.

• Secondly, when you keep your money in your wallet — their value doesn’t change instead of crypto assets. Your cryptocurrency can grow in many times. For example, in 2010 the value of 100$ banknote was 100$, the same is in 2020. But, the value of Bitcoin in 2010 was 0,08$, and now it’s around 9,500$! Just think of it — you can invest today, for example, in the TBCC Coin and gain money in some years.

• Thirdly, money can be fake. Unfortunately, people can give you fake money, that will mean that you lost your assets. Crypto can not be fake.

• One more point — banks, IRS, courts, government agencies can not affect the transactions. This is possible because all data with cryptocurrency wallets is stored in the blockchain. It means that no one can arrest your crypto, take taxes from it, or after divorce — no one will try no take half of it.

• In the end, all transactions can not be changed by someone except the users of the wallet- without your own key no one can cancel, block or make the transaction. Instead of your cash or credit card — crypto wallets are much safer.

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The most convenient platform to trade, store, invest and manage your crypto assets.

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The most convenient platform to trade, store, invest and manage your crypto assets.

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