We inform our traders and investors about the situation that happened yesterday. Our platform faced the attempt of a hackers’ attack; meanwhile, innovative TBCC Exchange technologies made this attempt to failure. As such, all the crypto assets placed on your accounts remain safe. Furthermore, the TBCC Wallet mobile application didn’t experience any attacks. No reasons for panic at all!

In the meantime, attackers succeeded to hack our backup server. As a result, fraudsters got the seed phrase from the corporate wallet, unlocked the access to wallet management. The set of reaction of the TBCC team timely responses of the TBCC team led to prompt measures taken on time.

On the other hand, we are moving our security to the next level to protect our traders and investors as much as possible. All the transactions related to the TBCC token are temporarily suspended. Our partners from XT.com, Bibox, Probit, and Timex help us to handle the situation.

The following measures are going to be implemented soon:

We ask you to treat this situation with understanding, as your assets remain safe, and our team implements measures to increase the security and protection level, excluding such situations in the future. Let’s move towards new peaks together!



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